How to use

How to use

Easy to use with three steps.


Stand up

With a care receiver leaning against the Hug, press the stand button. Hug then gently lifts the care receiver up.
There are no slings or harnesses to prepare, so setup time is minimal.



With the care receiver standing on the Hug, the care receiver can be transferred to locations such as a bed, wheelchair, toilet, or shower chair.


Sit down

When the care receiver reaches the transfer destination, press the sit button. Hug safely has the care receiver sit down.
Hug also can maintain the care receiver in a standing posture, allowing a caregiver to easily assist the care receiver in changing clothes and performing care.

View the video
for tips on how to use

Three main points


Set the cushion against the knees


The cushions are held beneath
the armpits at both sides


Place the chest against the cushion

Have you ever had these issues?

I am unable to sit, stand, and keep standing on my own.

There is no problem if you can't stand up on your own.

This robot can be used for people who have difficulty standing up by themselves or maintaining a standing posture due to a lack of leg or grip strength.
Hug encourages care receivers to get out of bed, leading to the prevention of pressure ulcers and equinus feet.

I want to use the bathroom.

Hug lets care receivers to use the toilet instead of using diapers.

Because care receivers can be held up by the Hug, they can use the toilet without worrying about the burden on caregivers. It can also be useful for when changing diapers.

It is difficult to perform ablution care.

Delicate areas can also be cleaned.

Hug helps care receivers maintain a standing posture in the bathroom, enabling caregivers to clean their backs and legs with a shower. It is also useful for when applying medicine.